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Google Adwords

Google Adwords is another way of boosting your sites visibility is with paid Ad’s. This is a service that we manage for you dependent on how many campaigns you would like to run and how many Ads you want to show.

The way that Google Adwords works is using the funds set up by the customer in a set budget that is based on a monthly basis and funds are taken from the cost-per-click advertising (CPC). All keywords have a cost and this varies dramatically.

Correct choice of keywords is very important because the targeting of ads by Google is totally dependent upon the keyword selection. Keyword choice is also a very large factor in determining the level of exposure the Google ad receives, and to a large extent, who sees the ad.

The Google Ads are easy to see on Google search results as they appear as the top three on the page highlighted in yellow and the ads that are positioned on the right hand side, as seen in the screen shot below:

Google Adwords

Screenshot showing an example of where Google Ads appear (green border has been added to highlight them)

Yammar offers a Google Adwords management service so that we can select the keywords that are best suited for your site/web page. We can also target your adverts to appear within a geographic location as well, making the most of your monthly, and we can also set a daily budget so that your monthly budget is not used all within a week, as this can happen quite easily if not managed correctly. We charge £100 a month to manage each of your campaigns with a one off £40 set up fee.